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How to Get One Way Links in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

one way links

Backlinks are the backbone (pun intended) of your website. Without them, you might as well hope for a miracle to rank. But one way links don't require a miracle.

Why oh why? Simple: one way link building adds value to your page. They're also arguably the best type of backlinks, according to search engine optimization (SEO) experts.

But what are they exactly and how do you get them?

This post outlines what one way links are and how you can get them. .

What Are One Way Links?

One way links are links you receive without needing to link back. They are usually a result of manual outreach link building, which makes them ultra-valuable.

And no, we're not exaggerating. One way link building is ultra-valuable is because it increases your page's validity. The link source sees your page as a proper resource, so Google will likely think the same.

While there are other backlinks that you can benefit from (more about them below), one way links remain on top.

Reciprocal Link vs. One Way Link

Move over, reciprocal links. Gone are the days when digital marketers go crazy to gain you.

Unfortunately, search engines perceive reciprocal links to manipulate search rankings and link popularity. While still useful, reciprocal links are just not as helpful as they once were.

One way link building is more credible is because they promote your site without the need to reciprocate the link. Other sites will only mention your site if it's relevant to their audience.

These links also act as confidence votes to your site because you give writers valuable resources. You're good to go if they're not raising any red flags.

How to Get One Way Links

Here’s how to get one way links:

1. Create a relevant statistics post.

one way link building

A well-researched statistics post is a gold mine for one way link building. Journalists, bloggers, and the link need statistics to support their claims.

If you have a relevant statistics post, they will likely link back to you. Bonus points if you did it based on your research because it'll be unique.

Since writers used your statistics to support their claims, they won't ask you to link back to them. This way, you can get backlinks on autopilot.

2. Build one way links through guest blogging.

how to get one way links

Guest blogging can get you the one way links everyone in the SEO world covets.

While the primary goal of guest blog posts is to increase visibility and revenue, they can also be a source of backlinks.

Remember, articles published on well-known blogs not only increase brand awareness but contain backlinks to your website. You can put links on the body or the author's bio, but make sure to research and vet the blogs you're guest posting on.

3. Create infographics for your market.

one way link

Contrary to popular belief, infographics aren't just attractive, easy-to-digest pieces of content. They can be a source of one way links if done right.

Infographics are helpful because they condense information in a single image. Plus, if your infographic contains useful and intriguing facts, you'll likely get backlinks.

If you want to create infographics to get backlinks, do the following:

  • Include valuable data.

  • Make your infographic readable.

  • Don't overcrowd your infographic with a filler design.

  • Use unique images instead of stock photos (if applicable).

The more unique your infographic is, the more writers in your niche will use and link to it.

4. Engage in forums.

reciprocal link

Getting one way links this way might seem like a reach, but it's a smart move. On top of that, it helps build your authority in your market. Even experts use community forums to get backlinks.

Since forums serve as Q&A platforms, people in the community will see you as a credible source if you respond to their inquiries and offer accurate information. As a result, if users discover helpful information on your site, they won't think twice about linking to it.

5. Submit NAP information to directories.

two way link

Nope, we’re not asking you to sleep here.

NAP stands for name, address, and phone― the kind of information you need to submit to directories.

If you haven't heard of this, you better start doing it. This technique is one of the simplest ways to get one way links to your side. It’s easy, too. All you need is to update your name, address, and phone and submit it to directories.

Pro tip: make sure you're submitting your information under the appropriate category. By doing this, you can avoid Google penalties and rejection from checkers.

FAQs About One Way Links

What is one way link in SEO?

A one way link in SEO is a link you receive without having to link to the source of the backlink. Additionally, it is beneficial because it increases your credibility in writers' eyes and search engines like Google.

What are the three types of links?

The three types of links are text hyperlinks, image hyperlinks, and bookmark hyperlinks. Text hyperlinks use a word or phrase, while image hyperlinks use images. Bookmark hyperlinks use text or images.

What is a two way link?

A two way link is also known as a reciprocal link. It is composed of two links exchanged between websites. The website links to you, and you link to the website. However, a two way link is less valuable than a one way link. Despite this, search engines still recognize a two way link as long as it's not a black-hat link.

What are the four types of link?

The four types of SEO links are internal, external, natural, and manually obtained links.


One way links are the one ring that rules all kinds of backlinks. They give you the credibility you need to be on the first page of Google.

You can get these links by creating statistics posts, guest blogging, creating infographics, joining forums, and submitting information to directories.

But doing everything right can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating. If you want to take the stress off your shoulder, we got you.

TriBu LinkBuilding is an experienced link building outsourcing agency that has been helping business owners get one way links through white-hat strategies that Google won't penalize. Plus, you only have to pay after we get live links for you. Contact us to jumpstart your link building success now!

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