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The Truth About Backlinks According to Experts

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

the truth about backlinks

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks describe the links on a page from one website to another website. Experts also call them incoming links, inbound links, or one way links.

Google and other search engines treat backlinks as votes for a certain page. Since backlinks act as votes from one page to another, they tell search engines that the pages’ content is credible, valuable, and useful.

So the more backlinks a page has, the higher it will rank in Google and other search engines. However, it’s not just about the number of backlinks a page has (more about this later).

In addition, getting backlinks to keep up with search engine algorithms is nothing new. Backlinks also formed the foundation of Google’s original algorithm called PageRank.

Even though Google has made tons of changes to its ranking algorithm since then, backlinks remain a crucial ranking signal.

Do Backlinks Work?


So, what’s the fuss about backlinks? Do they work?

We got one word for you: yes.

Backlinks work because Google confirmed that link building is one of their top three ranking factors nowadays.

Let’s have a bit of a backstory here. A couple of years ago, Google said that backlinks are one of the top two ranking factors in the search engine (more about the other one later). So, if you want to get more traffic to a website, you must invest in link building.

A study by Ahrefs backs this up. According to their case study, 90.63% of the billion websites involved don’t get any traffic.

The number one reason? The websites didn’t have any backlinks. Plus, about 55% of active pages on the internet have no backlinks.

So if you start doing manual outreach link building now, you’ll likely outrank competitors with no backlinks. Such great news, right?

Hold your laptop. Backlinks are not just about the numbers. Quality matters more.

Take a look at the next section to know why.

The Truth About Backlinks: Quality vs. Quantity

the truth about social media backlinks: quality vs quantity

Several years ago, most search engines ranked pages based on their published content.

However, when Google introduced new and advanced ranking algorithms, other search engines started to follow suit. In particular, they started looking for valuable links.

The truth about backlinks is that search engines now value quality more than link quantity.

Look at it this way: if link quantity were more crucial than quality, it would have been easy for websites to build multiple links. People can also easily rank through black-hat techniques— ones that Google now punishes.

Search engines like Google give authority to websites with high-quality backlinks during an organic search. The more the pages attract high-quality backlinks, the easier it becomes for websites to get decent rankings. Given this, link building is crucial to ensuring visibility in search results.

To sum things up, the truth about backlinks is that they are crucial to SEO (search engine optimization).

Backlinks allow search engines to understand the content of the website. They also enable search engines to see if the pages have the credibility for other websites to link to them.

Speaking of content, let's look at its importance in the next section.

The Truth About Backlinks: The Importance of Content

the truth about social media backlinks content

Many website owners focus so heavily on getting backlinks that they forget another critical factor: content.

Yes, you need backlinks for SEO. But content matters a lot, too. Your content must be engaging so people will read them. In the end, they must also contain a proper CTA (call to action).

You can have the best backlinks, but readers won't buy your products or services if your content is irrelevant.

Fit backlinks where applicable, create rockstar content, and all will come together nicely.

The Truth About Social Media Backlinks: Does Facebook and Twitter Count?

the truth about social media backlinks does facebook and twitter count

Social media backlinks shed more light on the truth about backlinks.

But do they work? Do social media backlinks from Facebook and Twitter count? Do they help you get higher rankings in Google searches?

Does Facebook provide nofollow or dofollow links? How about Twitter?

So many questions are living in your mind rent-free. Unfortunately, social media backlinks don't help that much.

If you've been asking the truth about social media backlinks: does Facebook and Twitter count? The answer is no.

But before you say something about social signals, let us explain.

Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to put links on their posts. Anyone can get backlinks even if their pages don't have valuable content.

For this reason, Facebook implemented a sitewide nofollow rule. Hence, search engines do not follow links posted on the platform.

Moreover, the nofollow rule tells search engines like Google not to follow the outbound link posted on Facebook. Essentially, the website does not endorse the links.

The same applies to Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

So does this mean you should stop posting links to your website on social media platforms? Not really.

Posting links give Google social signals from popular social media sites. While posting doesn't contribute to search rankings, they help you become more visible online. For instance, when users click on a link leading to helpful content, they'll likely trust you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are backlinks really useful?

Yes, backlinks are really useful. They are essential for SEO because they act as votes from one website to another. In a gist, they show search engines that other websites trust and vouch for you.

Are backlinks still relevant in 2022?

Yes, backlinks are still relevant in 2022. However, they shouldn't be your only focus because they are not the only ranking factor. Content matters, so you should focus on creating helpful content, too.

Do backlinks Still Matter 2021?

Backlinks still matter in 2021. They are the basis of Google's original ranking algorithm called PageRank. Plus, independent studies in the SEO industry say that backlinks matter.

Are backlinks harmful?

Yes, backlinks can be harmful. Links from spammy sites can hurt your chances of ranking. Backlinks acquired through black-hat strategies can negatively affect your site, too.


Backlinks are crucial to ranking. When paired with useful content, they can put your pages on the first page of Google search results.

But doing everything right can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating. If you want to take the stress off your shoulder, we got you.

TriBu LinkBuilding is an experienced link building outsourcing agency that has been helping business owners get backlinks through white-hat strategies that Google won't penalize. Plus, you only have to pay after we get live links for you. Contact us to jumpstart your link building success now!

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