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Link Building Pricing: How Much Is It?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

link building pricing

Link building is an investment that gives high returns when done correctly. But what exactly is reasonable link building pricing? How do you know how to invest your resources properly?

In this post, we’ll talk about link building prices. We’ll also discuss the benefits of investing in link building and why you should avoid cheap links.

The Danger of Cheap Links

link building prices

Many businesses provide inexpensive backlinks. But can they provide links?

They probably can.

However, you shouldn’t aim for those links. Cheap links frequently include spammy links that search engines hate.

Let’s consult Google on the subject:

According to the world’s largest search engine, links designed to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

In short, any manipulation of inbound and outbound links violates Google’s guidelines.

These include getting paid links, swapping links excessively, automated link building tactics, and pressuring individuals into giving links through contracts.

An inexpensive link building strategy avoids the time-consuming and costly aspects listed above. As a result, the following occurs:

  • The content sucks.

  • The linking sites have a low level of authority.

  • The links have been spammed.

  • The links were automatically created.

  • The links are fake.

Being a part of a black-hat link scheme will harm your domain authority. It will also likely make Google ban your site from ranking.


The bottom line is if anything seems too good to be true, it most often is.

Are Expensive Link Building Prices Worth It?

link building price

Cheap link building is a no-no. But how about the pricey ones? Are they worth the money you'll put into them?

In general, link building is worth it only if you do it right. Successful businesses invest in link building for the following reasons:

High-Quality Backlinks Means More Visibility

Proper backlinks (the ones you get through white hat link building techniques) increase the visibility and reputation of your brand—assuming your content rocks. It may take a while, but your brand name gets recognized once your link’s out there.

In addition, you’ll enjoy near-immediate referral traffic. If the website has a fair number of visitors, and your post gets a decent share of that traffic, a fair percentage of people will click your link and visit your website.

If your onsite conversion strategy’s, you should be able to break even from referral traffic alone—even with an “expensive” manual outreach link building campaign.

High-Quality Backlinks Can Work Forever

Remember, backlinks pass authority to your site, increasing its ability to rank in search results.

While you won’t see immediate results, you can enjoy hundreds, if not thousands, of monthly visits if you build several backlinks. These fantastic results compound fast, primarily if you target the right keywords.

One of the top benefits of high-quality backlinks is that they can last forever. What does this mean?

Each backlink is functionally permanent as long as they don’t get removed and the publisher doesn’t shut down, of course.

In other words, investing in backlinks one time can benefit you forever, hypothetically speaking.

Plus, new backlinks add more authority to your site. As you get more backlinks from reporters, bloggers, and the like, you’ll get page-one rankings more frequently.

Your link building investment doesn’t look expensive anymore, does it?

Link Building Pricing Range

pricing link building

Link-building prices greatly vary between $500 - $15,000 per month. The exact price usually depends on quality and volume. When estimating your link-building expenditures over the long run, you must determine a link building pricing point.

Here are general link building pricing scales if you want to outsource your two-way and one-way link building campaigns.

The DR or DA Model

Many agencies and vendors use the famous DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority) model.

People across the industry use this benchmark to measure the quality of the source website and its capability to rank.

Prices range from $500 to $1,500, depending on the quality of the backlinks.

The In-House Model

This type of outsourcing is the most expensive. Here’s the estimated annual cost of having an in-house link building team:

  • Link Building Manager: $40,000 to $80,000.

You need an experienced link building manager to oversee and lead your backlink campaigns.

  • Link Building Assistant (2): $30,000

You also need assistants that’ll help you with prospecting, sending emails, and other outreach tasks.

  • Content Writer: $50,000

Someone has to write the content for guest blog posts. All successful link builders get significant support from content writers.

  • Link Building Tools: $6,000

The best tools for link building help you get safe and effective backlinks. These include SEO tools, outreach platforms, and link-monitoring software.

That brings us to up to $202,000 per year, which is quite expensive, especially for starting brands.

The solution?

Hiring a link building agency (more about this below).

Link Building Agency

link building pricing range

Link building agencies like TriBu LinkBuilding offer packages with different price points.

Plus, agencies like us cost way less than getting an in-house team. You can save a ton of time and money.

For one, you can skip paying for tools. You also don’t have to train anyone since agencies offer experience. Writing is also off the table, as agencies usually have writers who know how to write SEO-friendly content.

If you want to know exactly how much you need to invest, contact us for a quote.


Successful brands invest in link building campaigns and other SEO (search engine optimization) principles to generate free traffic.

Additionally, link building is an investment that you should make wisely. If getting an in-house team sounds expensive, we can help.

TriBu LinkBuilding is an experienced link building outsourcing agency helping business owners get backlinks through white-hat strategies that Google won't penalize. Plus, you only have to pay after we get live links. Contact us to jumpstart your link building success now!

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